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Property Search and Acquisition

Acquiring a property is notoriously time consuming and stressful. With over 20 years experience in the London property market, our expertise and attention to your needs makes sure no opportunities are missed, including access to property that may not be on the open market.

After an initial consultation where your requirements are established, we conduct an exhaustive search on your behalf and preview and ultimately shortlist what is suitable, then use our experience to negotiate on your behalf the best price and terms, and oversee the transaction through to completion.

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Investment and Portfolio Building

Many clients find it difficult to differentiate between what they would like to live in and what is a good investment. Whilst the two criteria can overlap, the original objectives can be lost along the way. After an initial consultation we can establish an investment strategy with you and start the search for properties that warrant inclusion in your portfolio. We negotiate terms on your behalf, and oversee the transaction through to completion. Where refurbishment is required we can advise how to maximise returns and yield.

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Negotiation and Purchase

When clients have already found a property to purchase they benefit from representation by a professional to advise on price, negotiation, and to oversee the transaction to completion. This is a crucial stage in any transaction and clients can avoid the risk of overpaying, or a transaction which leaves them vulnerable to gazumping. In addition it can remove the embarrassment of dealing directly with the vendor keeping the negotiations at arms length and on a sound commercial footing. We can assist to ensure you acquire the right property at the right price in the fastest timescale.

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Managing Your Sale

Selling a home or investment property is time consuming and stressful, and requires considerable attention for a successful outcome. As in the case of a purchase the correct preparation is vital. Often sellers are unable to take advantage of a purchaser’s financial strength or situation because they are not able to provide documentation to facilitate the sale quickly enough. This is particularly important where there may be more than one buyer interested and competing offers are made. Unless the transaction can proceed quickly there is a strong risk the eventual winning offer will lose enthusiasm if they have to wait too long to see any progress. Our aim is to ensure that your property receives the widest possible exposure to the right purchasers to secure the best price for you. We oversee the entire process from advising you on presentation, arranging for the most suitable agents to conduct market appraisals, advise you on asking price, and which agent to instruct and act as the point of contact during the sale. Most agents understand that when we are acting for you they will have a client who is well prepared and committed to a sale, and we can often negotiate a reduction in fees for you. We liaise with the agent on marketing and activity and report to you. We qualify and negotiate all offers on your behalf to make sure that the best price and terms are secured for you. After the sale is agreed we can appoint solicitors on your behalf and oversee the transaction to completion

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Overseas Property Acquisition

Whether the purchase is for permanent occupation or for a holiday home the process of purchasing overseas presents an entirely different set of challenges. Distance, language, local customs and pricing strategy to name but a few can make the process daunting and can lead to suspicion and mistrust.

We have a local network of experts to assist in sourcing properties that are on the market, and also those are discreetly available or off market. In addition we are in touch with a number of boutique property developers and architects who are a source of some exciting opportunities. Before you actually view the property we will have researched to provide you with as much information as possible, and will advise on local planning, legal processes and financing if required which hopefully will turn the experience from being lonely and fraught into a pleasure!

Whilst our main areas of operation are Mallorca, Paris and the Cote D’Azur, searches are undertaken in other areas of the world.

For more information on our service please contact us on +44 (0)203 170 6121

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