Why use us?

Save Money

A surprisingly high number of transactions in London fall through due to poor preparation or weak negotiation, even after a sale is agreed. This can cost, not only in surveyor’s and solicitor’s fees, but in stress and time. Our experience and advice will prepare you for the purchase, making your offer more attractive to the seller. In a competitive market, vendors often choose a lower offer from a well prepared buyer who is prepared to proceed quickly.

Save Time

The process begins with a consultation. We review your objectives; discuss how we will meet them and whether they are realistic in your desired location. Most of our clients cannot devote time to researching the market, or making sure that estate agents are kept informed. With literally hundreds of agents in London, you cannot hope to cover the market if you are not in regular contact, frequently viewing property which, on the whole, will be totally unsuitable. Once you have found a property, the negotiation and follow up during legal procedures are also time consuming. Our service covers all these aspects for you.

An Experienced Team Acting For You

Estate agents are paid to act exclusively in the seller’s interests; a fact that is often overlooked. As one of hundreds of buyers, it requires a huge amount of effort to keep in constant communication with an agent. The best property is often sold before it appears on any list or web site and each agent is only selling a proportion of available property. As our client you will be our priority at all times. We cover the market for you, including property that is not on the open market, providing reassurance and confidence throughout the entire process. Our efficient processes and experience makes the purchase as smooth as possible. This is appealing to clients where discretion and confidentiality is important.

The Negotiation

Up to a third of agreed transactions in London fall through, wasting time and money. Having an expert negotiating on your behalf helps to secure the property, save considerable amounts of money and maintain a commercial perspective on an emotional situation. We can identify criteria such as flexible completion dates, which may be of value to the seller. Price is also a significant consideration at this stage, as well as the strategy used to set up the transaction, which should be agreed with clear objectives.

Follow Through and Communication

Once a purchase is agreed, it is vital to maintain the impetus by constantly following up. We oversee the entire process liaising with solicitors, lenders, surveyors, estate and selling agents, ensuring that the flow of information is smooth and that any problems are dealt with thoroughly. We keep you informed at every stage so that you are comfortable with the process.

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