The 20 arrondissements of Paris circle around the Seine like a snail shell, and each area, like all cities, offers a different vibe, and its own community spirit.

Many people dream of their own place in Paris, and now only a short train journey away, a regular commute or weekend makes it an interesting option for  UK buyers.
The appeal of Paris is not only its monuments and boulevards, but also its local cafes and restaurants. The Sunday morning markets and neighbourhood shops give a village atmosphere to each area often lacking in other cities.
For more and more people, the appeal of sitting on a train on Friday night en route to Paris, instead of in a car on a congested motorway en route to their weekend country place here, has made a purchase in Paris more attractive.
Being one of the smallest capital cities in Europe, everything is very accessible either walking or on the efficient Metro, and the centre is very much in demand from both a local and international market, creating an attractive investment proposition.

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